Contributed by Chadd Henderson and Heather Mirassou

Her petals are pink with white tips

She is in full bloom

I crawl to her

She hypnotizes me

She is a precious pearl

She is dripping with fragrance and fresh cream

Just let me stay near

She opens a new flower

As I quiver

Her pheromones entice

She envelopes my presence

She is part of me

As I am of her

I will return

Each new day and night

And revel in her beauty


Dedicated to my friend Chadd – Heather Mirassou

She bared to him her coveted soul.

Prepared to be shunned, instead she is accepted unconditionally.

Her scars deep, he leads her to the light.

A new journey begins.

He incites her passion, through his wisdom and poetry.

He helps her see beauty again.

She must live again.



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